Dancers of Kanye West in flight during the ‘Australian Tour 2012 doing my altered Runaway choreo “o)

Thank you guys for your great performance on the tour, your good spirit, and all of the fun we had!

Thank you all passengers of this flight for letting us do this and thank you to the crew for not taking me down while filming!

- - - 
Shot by choreographer Yemi AD.
Postproduction & Art direction by Jan Černý.
Post Audio Music Mix by Wayne Trevisani.
Typography by Katka Kvardová.

“This video is a present for Kanye and all dancers, who took part in the concert shows during the 2012 Australian Tour.”

Samples of my work:
Yemi & Superheroes - concept creation, choreography
Beyoncé submission - produced & co-choreographed
Ben Cristovao’s music video - produced
Kanye West TV performance - Saturday Night Live - art direction & choreography
Kanye West performance - MTV Awards (VMA) Los Angeles - choreography
Kanye West music video - Runaway - choreography & casting
Kanye West concert - World Tour - choreography, casting & production

Music by OH LAND - Lean, Wolf & I